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A training school in Hunan province is the first set the overall image design, makeup, nail art, photography, art, art of broadcasting and hosting in one of the professional service training units, in color, make-up, image design as the leading factor, as the dissemination of aesthetics and art base, now has a strong faculty, reasonable curriculum and rich practical experience and opportunities. With large scale multimedia and 1 for the 1VIP service, elegant environment, excellent condition, first-class equipment. And have a good relationship with the provincial, city TV stations at all levels, at all levels of media, media organizations, the package recommended work.

A certain occupation training school is located in the beautiful scenery of the place, located in a developed economy, prosperous business circle, and have a first-class facilities and elegant environment, construction area of square meters, large indoor T stage, and is equipped with a large Taiwan HD LED display, let the students have a self style show platform. South Korea CNB HD digital synchronous dynamic imaging teaching system, spacious bright classroom, heating and air conditioning, teaching environment and learning platform advantages, timely and thoughtful service, reasonable curriculum, inspired by the style of interaction, multimedia assisted and students to share and explore, art observation and other methods, to provide best in class learning conditions students.

KING&ONE image design center of XX Vocational Training Schools under the flag, set of wedding makeup, makeup, makeup, film and television group overall personal image design, personal image hosting, accompanied shopping, wardrobe and employee image of etiquette training as a whole, to provide quality services to all sectors of society. We adhere to the "sincerity oriented, to create the industry's top training center for the arts" as the goal, to "professional, sincere service" as the core value of the brand, and create a new fashion life, leading a beautiful life.

A certain occupation training school training in Hunan Province, personal image as "image design" new occupation development unit, advanced and practical way and the curriculum for students of elaborate design, emphasis on practice and application, combination of theory and actual practice. Over the years, both inside and outside the province of experts and teachers committed to the research and teaching work of make-up, image design. To enhance students sense of responsibility, a sense of purpose and discipline, but also allow students to fully feel the warmth.

A training school to provide a complete system of "cosmetic and image design course series" as a member, to meet the requirements of the members at different stages of learning, has a precise and unique education system and improve the instructor system, currently has a make-up, image design, teaching qualifications teacher with rich teaching experience and Practice, 100% hold teacher certificate.